Worlds within a Body

Friday, March 20 from 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Poets Franny Choi, Leah Naomi Green, and Morgan Parker will read from their new collections.

Poets Franny Choi (Soft Science), Leah Naomi Green (The More Extravagant Feast), and Morgan Parker (Magical Negro) will read from their new collections. Book sales and a signing will follow. This event will be free to attend and open to the public.

Why should you attend?

“These beautiful, fractal-like poems [in Soft Science] are meditations on identity and autonomy and offer consciousness-expanding forays into topics like violence and gender, love and isolation.” —NYLON

“[The More Extravagant Feast] keeps faithful company with the world and earns its name. The darkness and suffering of living on earth are assumed…and yet, it is ultimately informed by the deep logic of compassion (is there a deeper human logic?).” —Li-Young Lee, judge’s statement for the Walt Whitman Award

“Morgan Parker continues to fearlessly explore what it means to be a black woman in the United States today….Bold and edgy, the writing spotlights the strength and tenacity that enable the speaker to survive grief and inequity. It also gives voice to her disappointments and delights as she claims—and proclaims—agency over her body and her life.” —The Washington Post

This event is part of the 2020 Virginia Festival of the Book. A full schedule of events is available here.