Saturday, January 18 from 11:00am to 12:00pm

Join us for a special Storytime with Karen Moulis and Cary Oliva, authors of ABCville.

Meet the authors! Join us for a special Storytime with Karen Moulis and Cary Oliva, authors of the picture book ABCville. This event will be free and open to the public. All ages welcome!

ABCville is a children’s alphabet book about Charlottesville. The book is filled with twenty-six beautiful photographs of places in and around Charlottesville. ABCville invites children to explore their community. They can look for things in the sky, things that move, things to eat, and things that make noise. They can visit the places in the book by using the map in the back of the book. It is a perfect book for pre-readers; even the youngest children can begin to name what they see in the photos. As children grow, they can begin to identify the letters on the pages. And eventually, they can read the book independently.

Karen Moulis, author of ABCville, was a preschool and kindergarten teacher for many years. As a mother of three, she often made simple books with her children and students. Through her work with young children, she has seen how picture books help build literacy skills and art appreciation. She believes that being able to read a book about one’s own community is a powerful experience.

Cary Oliva, photographer and designer of ABCville, currently lives and works in Charlottesville, where she exhibits her work. She enjoyed creating the images for ABCville, a children’s alphabet book about a place she has lived and loved for more than sixteen years.