Kristien Hemmerechts and Annelies Verbeke

Sunday, March 24 from 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Belgian authors Kristien Hemmerechts and Annelies Verbeke discuss their latest novels.

Belgian authors Kristien Hemmerechts (The Woman Who Fed the Dogs) and Annelies Verbeke (Thirty Days) discuss their latest novels—stories that are gritty yet humanizing—which mark the first of their titles to be made available in English translation.

Why should you attend?

“[The Woman Who Fed the Dogs is] a daring, but successful endeavor to paint a probing psychological portrait…. an intense evocation of an unusual, intriguing relationship, astonishing and sometimes provocative in all its directness.” —Flanders Literature

“[Thirty Days is] not an overtly political novel, but an artful examination of the rich, interior life. Verbeke’s description of violence, feels as if it is happening to us and we are shocked by the horror.” —The Literary Review