Poets Caroline Brae and Patsy Patsy Asuncion

Sunday, April 15 from 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Poets Caroline Brae and Patsy Asuncion will read from their work.

Please join us for a reading with Virginia poets Caroline Brae and Patsy Asuncion. This event is free and open to the public.

Caroline Brae, a former teacher, hails from the mountains of central Virginia. Her poetic endeavor, Little Grey Bird, culminates a decade-long odyssey in performing arts exploring choreography to live music, piano compositions, and combined art forms in her journey to find her voice. Caroline’s down-to- earth style focuses on individual and societal issues with contemplations encompassing relationships to belonging, and prejudice to loss. Works from her collection can be found at vox poetica online, The Sock Drawer Poetry Series at WINLifeTV, and on Instagram @carolinebraebird. Caroline strives to reach readers on an intimate level, so they too can take flight.

Patsy Asuncion’s Cut on the Bias (2016) depicts her world from the perspective of a biracial child raised by an immigrant father and WWII vet. Her online publications include The New York Times, vox poetica, and The New Verse News, and her literary reviews have been published by Indiana University, Loyola University, Prevention Magazine, and Cutthroat Journal. Patsy promotes diversity through her open mic events at the Bridge, championing the work of all artists regardless of age, skin tone, or gender; through her community initiatives, such Women of Color and International Women’s Day; and through policy-making as a board member for two arts organizations.