Nina Thompson and Tracy Landon

Friday, May 03 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Join us for First Fridays as we celebrate the art of Nina Thompson and Tracy Landon.

Join us for First Fridays as we celebrate the art of Nina Thompson and Tracy Landon, whose work will be on display up on the mezzanine for the month of May. This event is free and open to the public.

About Nina Thompson: Swept into nature’s energy, intensity, color, and texture, Nina Chidester Thompson is inspired. She captures landscape scenes in mind and heart, reliving them as she paints vibrant scenes in oil, frozen in time. In the flow, she is lost in the scene itself, as well as in the motion of the brush and pallet knife on the surface. Following instinct, she lets the energy flow, until the painting “finishes itself”—telling her to wait, to look again, and finally to stop.

As a child, Nina quietly knew that she would paint one day. After a career in higher education—while studying art along the way—she is now realizing her dream with her work and style. She enjoys tapping into the power of the “present moment” to allow creativity to emerge.

About Tracy Landon: While climbing the career ladder and attaining various degrees that were not related to art, Tracy Landon took art classes at VCU, The VA Museum of Fine Arts, McGuffey, and elsewhere. At first, she recreated paintings by Master and contemporary artists and did commissions for her friends and family. Finally, Tracy chose to pursue art passionately.

Painting gifts Tracy with a joyous sense of presence. She hopes to elicit emotional responses to her work but also paints because it rekindles her soul. She’s been influenced by the masters van Gogh, Rothko, and Picasso, as well as contemporary artists such as Susan Rothenberg and Greg Osterhaus.