Jay Bourgeois The Tao of Strategy

Saturday, June 04 from 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Join us for a book talk with Jay Bourgeois, author of The Tao of Strategy.

Join us for a book talk with Jay Bourgeois, author of The Tao of Strategy: How Seven Eastern Philosophies Help Solve Twenty-First-Century Business Challenges. This in-person event will be free and open to the public. We recommend arriving early for the best seating.

About the Book: This book is for leaders facing tough strategic challenges. Insights from seven Eastern philosophies plus personal accounts from executives in Asia, America, and Europe will complement contemporary Western logic. Readers will see how truly novel solutions emerge through what the Buddha called beginner’s mind, a state characterized by emotional detachment from outcomes, abandonment of preconceived notions, and openness to new information and learning. Buddhist, Confucian, Taoist, and Eastern warfighting philosophies provide a path to that beginner’s mind, and offer perspectives on achieving this open, unencumbered mindset. Stories from Rodale Press, Bacardi, Phil Jackson, Steve Jobs, and numerous Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Indian leaders furnish concrete examples to help readers apply the ideas to their own situations.

About the Author: Jay Bourgeois (Professor Emeritus, Darden Graduate School of Business) grew up in Venezuela, played guitar in a rock band, received an MBA from Tulane University, and worked for Dole Foods in Central America. He taught strategy at Stanford University and at the University of Virginia, and he has consulted to more than one hundred firms, governments, and nonprofits around the world. International consulting led him to explore Asian business mindsets and practices. Including The Tao of Strategy, Bourgeois has written four books and more than ninety cases and articles, and has been recognized as among the “Top 150” management scholars globally.

Jay and his wife, Maggie, divide their time between Charlottesville and New Orleans.

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"Successful strategy is an inspired practice, an arena to play out the best of ourselves or the worst of ourselves. The Tao of Strategy is the perfect guidebook to become the best of ourselves, both in business and in life."

—Maria Rodale, former CEO of Rodale Press

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