Southern Landscapes

Saturday, March 19 from 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Authors Ralph Eubanks, Jocelyn Nicole Johnson, and Imani Perry will discuss their books.

This in-person event is a part of the 2022 Virginia Festival of the Book. Please note that this event will take place off-site at the Paramount Theater (215 E Main St). This event will be open to the public and is a ticketed event. Tickets are available here.

Authors Ralph Eubanks (A Place Like Mississippi), Jocelyn Nicole Johnson (My Monticello), and Imani Perry (South to America) take center stage at this Festival headliner event to discuss the storied fact and fiction of the American South. The famed storytellers of Mississippi, short stories of the near future in central Virginia, and an historian’s travelogue of the southern states together provide a multi-genre exploration of the region and what it means to belong to this place. This event will be moderated by Justin G. Reid.

In response to Covid-19, many venues have limited capacity. Early arrival is strongly encouraged. For more information about the specific Covid-19 guidelines for this venue, visit


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