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"Why voice technology is the next big thing in technology, as big as mobile a decade ago and the internet in the late 90s, fundamentally altering the way companies do business."

About the Book: Voice is the next technology—remarkably similar in potential impact to the internet and mobile computing—poised to change the way the world works. Tobias Dengel is in the vanguard of this breakthrough, understanding the deep, wide-ranging implications voice will have for every industry. In The Sound of the Future, he connects the dots about this emerging paradigm to vividly illustrate how business leaders can stay ahead of the game, rather than scrambling to catch up, as voice technology gradually reveals its power, creating a host of new winners and losers.

Using fascinating, colorful stories, Dengel explains how the “voice-first” experience is becoming part of the global technology mainstream, exploring the ways voice will do a better job of serving basic human needs such as safety, speed, accuracy, convenience, and fun, as well as making it possible for hundreds of millions of people around the planet to participate more fully and productively in today’s high-tech world by making interactions with technology virtually effortless.

A pervasive technology like the internet and mobile, voice—with applications in marketing, sales, service, manufacturing, and logistics—will change the way we work at every level and every function, driving down costs, boosting productivity, and enabling the creation of entirely new business models.

This is not simply about Siri and Alexa. They are the tantalizing but incomplete precursors of the ultimate interface that will make technology easier, faster, more accurate, and more human.

About the Author: Tobias Dengel is the President of WillowTree, a TELUS International Company. With over twenty years of technology expertise, Tobias has been recognized by Glassdoor as a Top CEO and featured as a VOICE Summit speaker at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2022 and 2023. Under his leadership, WillowTree has become a leading provider of premium digital products and experiences for iconic global brands, including HBO, PepsiCo, Johnson & Johnson, and many more. Prior to WillowTree, Tobias helped steward strategic partnerships and acquisitions and drive innovation on behalf of companies including AOL and Kearney. Tobias is passionate about using technology to create meaningful, human-centric experiences for people and to drive business success.